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The Most Important Documentary For The Survival Of The West

Antichrist and His Ruin

  • “I was in prison for 35 days.”
  • “$300k in fines.” - ?
  • “I don’t know of any nation, civilization that has survived long term that has refused to acknowledge the Christian ethic.”
  • “I was in jail for 21 days.”
  • “They locked us out of our building.”
  • “Canada switched to a “multicultural” country which means that literally anything goes. A man can choose to be any one of a number of newfangled genders. A woman can conduct herself in any way that she or he or it or they or… ZEY… want.’
  • “I was ultimately excommunicated.”
  • “We had someone come in the night and scatter a few pounds of roofing nails…”
  • “1.1 million with 11 years in jail maximum.”
  • “...these last few years, the slope has become greased rails to HELL.”
  • “If you meet for church during COVID time and you organise a trucker convoy in Ottawa, you will feel the full force of the law,.... but… if you want to…” – -> go watch the trailer to find out.

Nobody likes a Tyrant.  NO ONE.  So why do all these dictators seem to be magically showing up everywhere in these last few years?  Even after Covid.  

Is it just a bunch of greedy politicians extending their reach too far?

Hidden Corporate greed financing the whole operation behind the scenes for Capital gains?

Power hungry big government, taking advantage of a crappy situation?

What if it runs deeper than this shallow materialistic condition of the human race.

What if it’s more than just left vs. right.

Liberal vs. Conservative.

Why is the church historically the biggest target of these wannabe Dictators?

Whether it’s modern day Pastors or 17th century preachers like John Bunyan, the playbook remains the same.

Find out how the modern age of COVID fanaticism mirrors the trials that John Bunyan faced over 300 years ago.

And what to do about it.

The Spirit of AntiChrist was just as alive then as it is today.  

Watch the full documentary

“This documentary went above and beyond my expectations. It outlined a thorough and honest assessment of our cultural and legal history. It successfully explained and defended a proper understand of the Biblical concepts of the "Antichrist" and the "Beast." It offered an accessible message of hope based in building strong families and communities. It made me truly grateful, with tears and deep emotions, to be counted among the small group of faithful men who honoured Christ rightly as the Lord of His Church.”


Just finished the documentary. Had me in tears and I had to repent for forsaking gathering and falling into sin during lockdown. Thanks for your work.


"Great documentary. 
I had to repent pretty hard for my cowardice during Covid, I knew what was right and didn’t do anything. I’ll be attending Grace Bible Church which is an affiliate of Grace Life. That way when we face this again I won’t be under the leadership of a cowardly Pastor."


I just watched Antichrist and His Ruin with my wife and older kids.

Thank you for producing this. It's so encouraging and good teaching and
examples of doing what's right. The Canadian history lesson was very
educational too.

It's encouraging to see so many others doing what is right, not fearing
man. We've learned so much from pastors like yours in the last 2 years.
The teaching has helped us as we started meeting secretly for fellowship
with a small group in our home in spring 2021 that's grown slowly to 9
families so far.


“In hindsight, I now see that we weren’t alone in thinking something wasn’t right, and I have since repented for not standing up more and loudly prioritizing Jesus’ Lordship over everything else. I am ashamed to say I wish I would’ve done more!

And this documentary has really opened my eyes to it, not in rebellion but in Love for the Gospel, with passion for my fellow believers, and most importantly the worthiness of our Worship to Christ!! You CAN NOT replace that with online and YouTube. 
The Bride is a Body, not some vague idea of online entertainment. 

Anyway, it was a Godsend that I came across your website, the Trailer, and the fact that another believer gifted me this incredible documentary! Lord willing, I will pass this on to someone else and gift it forward!
Thanks again for everything and I pray over the different ministries involved and may God bless you all!!”


"This condensed film has really blessed me by opening my eyes to the reality of our modern age.. it pulls it all together from different angles, places and the viewpoints of those who were actually targeted at the front lines of this spiritual warfare... Thankful for the effort!"


This feature-length documentary takes its name from John Bunyan’s book, Of Antichrist and His Ruin, and is inspired by not only this text, but the life and witness of Bunyan and the English Dissenters of the 17th century.

The players are different, and the setting has changed, but there are many clear parallels between the issues faced by Bunyan and those that Canadian Christians have been facing over the past two years of Covid lockdowns.

What is happening to Canadian churches is a grim cautionary tale about what happens when Christians grow complacent to attacks on the church. Remember, judgment begins at the house of the Lord. If Canadian Christians want to get out of this, we must repent of our state-worshiping idolatry and then, in Bunyan’s phrase, go into the world to “pinch antichrist” and make him dread the prospect of reaching out his hand to strike at Christ’s bride.